This goes without saying, but if you've been called to coach, this is the ultimate training in terms of the content, the experience, and the community. Our program works for any client, niche, or length of program.

Knowing this material will change your life. Period. The training you will receive will allow you to go forward in your own life empowered, confident, and able to self-coach through anything.

Anyone with kids has experienced the struggle of communication, dealing with intense emotions, and feeling helpless as to what to teach their children. You will be able to navigate all of it with ease.

Our coaching program and workbook is ideal for integrating into any home-school program. The format and accompanying worksheets are the perfect compliment to any home-schooling curriculum. This isn't taught in any school and it needs to be. Teaching our kids how to maintain a healthy mindset is crucial.

is our certification for you?

an aspiring life coach

any human who wants to feel better

a parent who's worried about thier kids

a progressive home-schooler

If you see yourself in the following categories, then YES.

Well then you’re already a life coach.
It’s time to get you certified in the mind firm method.

How many times have you been the shoulder to cry on? How many times has someone said, “You’re such a good listener” or “How do you always know just the right thing to say?”
Are you the friend everyone turns to when they need help?

you're that friend.

save my seat!

You're committed to doing something for yourself in order to help others at your highest level

You've been looking at coaching certifications and know how valuable this program is

You're at a stage where you're ready to try something new and make some serious money

You are passionate about mindset and helping others feel better

this is perfect for you if:

You don't like chocolate

You're not interested in doing the deep work on yourself before coaching others

You don't see the value in self-care

You'd prefer not to get certified in person

this might not be for you if: 

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After certifying in the Mind Firm Method, you will feel confident enough to coach any client and charge top dollar for your services.

The MFM strategies and tools empower you to show up and coach like a boss. We have 100% done the leg work for you by designing a high-level coach training and program that WORKS.

Do I have what it takes to be a good life coach?

Will I be able to make my money back?

Will I know the right questions to ask when coaching?

Will I be able to help all types of clients?

How will I know which course is right for me?

have you said this to yourself about becoming a life coach?

you made it to the end.

we want to meet you.

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