join us at
snowpine lodge
in beautiful alta, utah
October 19-22, 2021

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Completely Transformed.
Utterly Rejuvenated.
Absolutely Empowered.

After 3 days you'll feel:

All meals, mindfully selected from a healthy menu

Plush bedding and spa-like amenities

Yoga and meditation provided from a brilliant yogi you will adore

Luxe accommodations from the indoor spa to the outdoor hot-tub and everything in between


check out the 4 star resort we've booked just for you.

finally, a "retreat meets training" for all aspiring life coaches.
it's time to Get away and get certified.

ALL INCLUSIVE ROOM AND BOARD at a 4-star resort that will keep you well-rested and well-fed.

HEALTHY MEALS on the house. We promise you won't go hungry.

DAILY YOGA from a brilliant yogi leaving you rejuvenated and full of self-love.

MEDITATION MOMENTS sprinkled throughout the day to keep spirits high.

RESORT AMENITIES for down time--hot tub or spa treatment, anyone?

PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS because everyone deserves a good photo of themselves!

FUN PERSONALIZED SWAG that will leave you smiling for days. What's a retreat without chocolate?

The Mind Firm Method: where Life Coaching Certification meets the retreat of your dreams. Get away and get certified.
Come home and coach.

certification + so much more


Here’s the truth: you deserve to be taken care of before you take care of others. 

life coach training can be intense.

While we were pleased with our choice to certify from one of the most prestigious life coach schools in the country, we left our training feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. 

We created a solution for that.

The Mind Firm Method is not just a training, it's an experience.

Our days together focus on providing you  with the ultimate education and certification while attending to your self-care.

what sets us apart:

 Our "retreat meets training" philosophy.

from the training to the all-inclusive accomodations+extras, this is luxury life coaching at a fraction of the cost.

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We promise there's nothing available like this anywhere online.
We checked.

this program was made just. for. you.

you made it to the end.

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