After coaching 1000's of clients, we absolutely know what a powerful curriculum looks like and how to create a successful coaching business. 

COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING by Master Certified coaches and educators who know how to take you from "friend" to "coach."

STEP-BY-STEP CURRICULUM that is so user-friendly, you can be coaching the day your training ends. You will receive both outlines and fully-scripted session details of the most effective method to life-coach your clients.

FULL-COLOR PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED MATERIALS to offer clients, complete with homework assignments and hard-copy workbooks.

FOUR 1:1 PRIVATE MENTORING SESSIONS after the retreat is over with a seasoned coach who will take your coaching to the next level.

ACCESS TO A PRIVATE COMMUNITY OF COACHES where beautiful strangers become supportive & life-long friends.

The easiest and most straight-forward method of coaching where you take clients from zero to self-coaching in 12 sessions.

the mind firm method

how it's done:

this program is the key to your clients' transformation.

AFTER THE MFM TRAINING EXPERIENCE, WE CONNECT YOU TO A COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED COACHES who have your back for mentoring, questions, and growing together. This isn't a one and done course. You have lifetime access and support from this group!


THE MFM CURRICULUM IS ORGANIZED IN A STRAIGHT-FORWARD AND DELIBERATE WAY so it takes all the guess work out of coaching. The framework is structured from start to finish in a way that makes sense to both coach and client. Our tools are comprehensive and thoughtfully packaged in beautifully designed, interactive workbooks for maximum growth.


MFM TEACHES YOU HOW TO COACH YOURSELF BEFORE YOU COACH YOUR CLIENTS. To do this effectively, our trainings include an abundance of self-care. We believe effective coaches fill their cups and know how to use the tools in their own lives. They are an example to their clients of the power of self-coaching.


we know this is a bold claim, but we offer a bold program for bold people and we aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

why the mind firm method is the best method

We want you to be 100% certain this is the course for you. We believe so firmly in our curriculum and all its content that we will show it to you before you pay a dime.

Click on the link below to view our beautifully designed 148 page coach/client workbook and get your questions answered.

The Mind Firm Method program takes clients from zero to self-coaching in 12 weeks.

a life coach is only as good as their program.

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-Christian B.

"This is incredible. So much content. So simple. This is what all life coaching should be."

I'm ready to certify!

But why stop there. Once you experience for yourself the mind-blowing tools we teach you, you'll want to shout them from the roof-tops. And you'll have the skills to do it.

even if you're the only one who changes, it's worth it

the Mind firm Method uses coaching philosophies that change you from the inside out.

you made it to the end.

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